Who could turn away 2.8 million free meals?

Not Feed The Hungry — not with 16,000 hungry school children in Zimbabwe counting on us. When a company in Italy offered us this bounty of non-GMO meals — the only kind allowed into Zimbabwe — we knew we could count on friends like you to act quickly. And because you responded so generously, Feed The Hungry has been able to send over one million of these life-saving meals to boys and girls in Zimbabwe so far.

School in Zimbabwe receiving GMO meals you help provide

We recently saw the dramatic effect of your partnership when visiting the Mazhandu family in June. While the church prayed for twins Macdonald and Macarthur on their birthday, Pastor Elna Mukamuri leaned over and said, “These boys would not be alive today without Feed The Hungry. When I first met them, the boys were lethargic, grey and had extended bellies. They were days away from starvation.” Macdonald and Macarthur are now happy, healthy 13-year-old boys who love school, soccer and their church youth group. The specter of hunger is gone, replaced by hope for a bright, prosperous future.

Pastor Elna praying for Macdonald and Macarthur

Thank you again for your generous response whenever and wherever children like Macdonald and Macarthur are in need. Your giving truly saves lives.