Your gift of “Daily Bread” to the people of Malawi

Pastor Layson sharing the Gospel with displaced families

When floods devastated the Shire Valley in Malawi, thousands of men, women and children were left homeless. I recently visited a relief camp that is home to 750 displaced families. The tiny sugarcane-thatched huts were placed dangerously close together. One stray spark from a cooking fire could ignite the entire village. However, families in the camp had been out of food for some time.

Family preparing the emergency food you provided

As our truck, marked with a Feed The Hungry Malawi logo, came to a stop, a crowd quickly approached. We had already delivered over one million meals to flood victims across the valley, but the people in this camp were clearly suffering. I saw the devastating look of hunger in their eyes … the emptiness, the longing, the small glimmer of hope asking, “Will you care again?” I promised the village elders I would appeal to the churches back in America, and we prayed for a generous response. This prayer trusts in the compassion and love of God. It is alive in our hearts, in our churches and in our actions.

Emergency food boxes delivered

I thank God we can be a conduit to deliver His love and compassion to these people in great need. You are the answer to hurting people who pray, “Lord give us this day our daily bread.”
— Chuck Strantz, Church Relations