World Missionary Press

          Within the past year Feed the Hungry has been partnering with World Missionary Press to print and ship the Gospel of John Bible study to the people of Malawi. What makes this shipment even more unique than simply the location we are sending it is that the pamphlets that are being printed are in Malawi’s native tongue, Chichewa. This will be our first time working with and sending the Chichewa language. Our team is ecstatic!

          Just recently some of our staff members had the pleasure of visiting the printing warehouse and seeing the documents printed firsthand as well as interviewing one of the staff there.

          Helen Williams has been working for the World Missionary Press for twenty-one years. When asked why she has stayed with this company for so long she stated that having the ability to see what is going out to other nations and laying your hands on a booklet and praying for it gives her an unmatched joy. Ms. Williams shared with us that the WMP has many orders coming in from different organizations but they see the project through all the way to the end. WMP believes that their responsibilities do not end with the binding of the books, pamphlets, and packets, rather they see them all the way through shipping and even into distribution. Ms. Williams says this is one of the reasons she believes so firmly in her company.

          World Missionary Press sends out roughly 50 containers of materials in a year, that rounds to about 100,000,000 copies! While Helen herself usually only works stateside this is not the case for the company. WMP has over 81 international coordinators and pastors serving as receiving agents in their various countries seeing that each container gets safely through customs and the legalities are all taken care of. Because of these coordinators, WMP is able to send out 20,000,000 to India as well as a large portion to Scandinavia and almost 30% to South America. Ms. Williams informed us that they also have active translators in the field working to gather the language and translate more Bibles into the dialects most ignored.

          The founders of the World Missionary Press, Mr. Watson Goodman and his wife Rose, were missionaries in South Africa. Upon returning home both were engulfed with the desire to print and send the gospel all over the world. The Goodman’s answered this calling and began the World Missionary Press which is now celebrating their 57th year!


Feed the Hungry is so thankful to have such a dedicated and enthusiastic partnership with WMP and we look forward to many more years!