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New Schools for Young Minds!



Building 1 with three classrooms                                                 Building 2 with four classrooms


These were the building plans that were originally presented to Feed the Hungry at the onset of this large project. God took one woman and and a few children and turned them into a successful and growing school. On the outside, the school was extremely simple with a tin roof on top of wood planks and mud walls with open windows, all covering up a dirt floor. Each school day, some 350 children come, ages 5 to 10 years old. Inside the school however, God is doing something extraordinary — A godly principal named Robinha is leading the children to a deep faith in Jesus Christ. Our President of Feed the Hungry had this to say about it, “I first saw their spiritual maturity in the chapel service. It was completely under the direction of the children. They led the praise and worship. They gave testimonies, read scripture, taught and led prayer. I was so impressed with these young ones. They knew the Bible and were boldly living it out.”

Principal Robinha said before Feed the Hungry began sending food about a year ago, the children were distracted. All they had to eat was cornmeal and beans of low nutritional value. Grades were low. The teachers felt they were failing their children. But when our food came, things changed. The children were healthier and more attentive. That was when they started to grow spiritually strong.

But then Robinha said the school was scheduled to be shut down by the Ugandan government in a month. That would have been September of last year. A new law had been passed in 2017 requiring all school buildings to be permanent structures and built to a much higher standard than what currently exists. Through the past year, Robinha drew up plans to build two new buildings — one for grades 1-3 and another for grades 4-6. The cost was $14,400 for each building … $28,800 for both.

She had just a few days to start these new buildings or be shut down. She had no funds to do this and had been praying for God to save their school. We knew we needed to help save this school so by faith we told Robinha to go ahead break ground for the needed buildings. We would find the funds, somehow.

In the U.S., such buildings would cost at least 10 times as much to build and teach a small fraction of the number of children. Perhaps 30 or 40 children. But in Uganda, they will teach many more. Robinha smiled when she was told we were committed to helping her. She is a great woman of God and we encouraged her to trust the Lord for 1,500 children in her new school to teach because she is capable of running a school that size. R

Here is what the school used to look like and what it looks like now:

Old School Buildings:



New School Buildings!