Update from the Uganda Refugee Camps

“The manna pack bags are my Business Cards”

-Pastor Solomon

Pastor Solomon is our Director of Feed the Hungry East Africa in Uganda. Over the last fourteen years, he has been receiving food from Feed the Hungry to feed the children in his churches and schools within the refugee camps along with other communities throughout Uganda. At the beginning of our partnership, he was receiving one shipment container (semi-load) of food per year, they are now receiving 3 containers a month!

Recently Pastor Solomon visited our Feed the Hungry USA office in South Bend and spoke to the staff about some of the projects you have donated to in the past and where some of the more recent donations are helping. Uganda has many refugees coming daily into their borders because of the Sudanese unrest. Of the 5-6 refugee camps set up in Uganda, Feed the Hungry supports and feeds all of the schools within two of them. With the food being provided, the kids are now able to focus on their studies instead of on the fact that their stomachs are empty and hurting. Because of this extra help their schools, collective scores have been on top in Uganda for two years running. The native Ugandans did not appreciate their schools being topped by refugees, so officials were sent into the camps to bring out the teachers and take them into their school systems. They did see results from this move, however it was not in their favor. The following school year the refugee schools preformed even better than they had before.

Since many people have such a heart for helping refugees, many donations of food are made to these camps. This has angered the locals and in order to appease them, 30% of the food coming in needs to go back to the host community. Pastor Solomon knew that much of the food would only make it to the top tier of society and still leave nothing to those that desperately needed it.  To avoid this, he collected his 30% and donated it directly to the poorest of the poor in his host communities. After this Pastor Solomon asked some of his peers to go into the community and collect 100 families to come to church the following week. When he showed up for church he said there there were hundreds upon hundreds of families that had come to hear what he had to say and hear about the gospel. Pastor Solomon stated that “90% of the registered families there were Muslim.” These Muslim families sat in the front rows absorbing the Word and later asking for people to pray over them and come to their homes to begin forming prayer groups. The increase in participation and excitement has allowed Pastor Solomon to create a Saturday service for the overflow of people that want to attend. Since then, Pastor Solomon and his peers have been to many houses, visiting families that need love. We can see how the Lord is softening the hearts of the people of Uganda!

When bringing his presentation to a close Pastor Solomon told us that the land in Uganda is bare from overuse and the crops have dwindled so that the food is scarce. Yet with the manna packs that are being provided, from Feed the Hungry, and the gospel along with it he could not help but see the vastness of God’s glory and steadfastness saying “You just look around and say, look what the Lord has done.”

At the end of Pastor Solomon’s presentation we asked him what was needed for the schools and churches he works with outside of just food, either physically or spiritually. Pastor Solomon mentioned that intellectually many children could advance to the next grade in school, but they did not have the money to do so. He also mentioned that these kids know this and often feel so hopeless they are taking their own lives. The churches that Pastor Solomon runs have many pastors but not enough Bibles. Furthermore some of the elderly members needed large print Bibles so they could read the Word. By the time Pastor Solomon had returned to Uganda both regular and large print Bibles had been found and donated to Feed the Hungry so that we could send them over with the next shipment of food. Please join us in continuous prayer for these requests and that they may be answered quickly!

Below are pictures of one of many containers being loaded and sent out to Uganda.

Pictured are some of the Feed the Hungry staff praying over each shipment.