Taste and See

Scripture tells us to taste and see that the Lord is good. That’s very hard to do when you ache with hunger and spend every day digging through garbage just to make a few quarters. They take what they find to recycling centers and — on a good day — earn about 75 cents. Families can earn $10-$20 a week, but they have to gather, sort and prepare hundreds of pounds of scrap! You can see why it’s a matter of survival for every family member, even the children, to work.

On a recent visit there, I met little Joel. He is just nine years old, yet he and his 13-year-old brother work with their mom in the landfill day in and day out. With your support, Feed The Hungry has just started a feeding program at a nearby church … and it’s going to have a huge impact on Joel’s life and so many others. Not only will Joel and his family have a nourishing meal every single day, they will hear the Gospel and experience the love of Christ. And once survival is taken out of the equation these children have the chance to go to school, laying the foundation for a better future that does not depend on digging through garbage.

With so many of our own children and grandchildren just getting back to school, I ask you to think of Joel and Rosa, featured in this Field Report. Please lift them up in prayer. With your love and support, children in so many countries learn about God and all His creation. And they will taste and see that yes, the Lord is very good!

Because a full life feels good,

Stefan Radelich

Feed The Hungry