A Light to the Community

Children are a precious resource from God. But what happens when they are left unsupported with no food or resources to survive? That was a problem Robinha wanted to fix. When some local pastors recognized they needed help in a school on the edge of a refugee camp in Kiryandongo, Uganda, Robinha answered the

She arrived and started to work right away. But the children were not doing well. The teachers were frustrated because despite their hard work, they seemed to be failing. The problem was the kids were malnourished, lethargic and couldn’t focus. Robinha needed to change that but couldn’t on her own.

Then, Feed The Hungry came along to provide food for this school. Every day since then, the children receive MannaPacks. These are fortified rice meals you provide with your donations. This healthy food was the difference between malnourished children and healthy, thriving children, hungry for an education and hungry for God.

Robinha named the school Glorious Link Primary School. She firmly believed children need a link to God, so they would see His glory. That is what she wanted to do … to “help children to see the glory of God.”

And she does. The children are strong in faith and the joy of the Lord. They also excel in their studies. All was going well, until the government adjusted its laws on school buildings. Because of the physical condition of the Glorious Link Primary School, they were told they would have to rebuild or shut down. The cost to build two new buildings was $29,800. This was a threat to the school remaining open. For a year, the teachers prayed — the time given by the government before closure. Then on a recent visit by Feed The Hungry, they presented their need to us. We in turn told faithful donors of Feed The Hungry, and the funds were raised. Praise God!

With much joy, Robinha has been able to start construction on these two new school buildings. They are much improved from the previous ones. The larger buildings allow her to take in many more children.

God is working in this community. Because of the strong Gospel focus in the curriculum of the school, children are coming to know Jesus. From school, they take the Good News home to their families. The Gospel is being planted and nurtured in the hearts of these kids and their academics improve because of it. I am so thankful for you and your willingness to help these children. Providing healthy food and funds has given a bright future to the children and glory to God. Thank you.