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Every child deserves a full life—and you can give it to them!

A Full Life Feels Good

Hungry children face a critical problem. They often live in a constant state of malnutrition because their diet consists of food that is low in important vitamins and nutrients—things critical to a full life.

Feed The Hungry has a unique solution. We’ve developed long-term partnerships with indigenous pastors to help deliver specially formulated meals to hungry kids. Every morsel is distributed through our partners.

That means these kids aren’t just fed physically, but also spiritually because they hear the gospel, they’re shown God’s love, and they often receive an education. This gives them the hope every child deserves! 

But we can’t do this alone. Once a hungry child enters a Feed The Hungry feeding program, they spend an average of 6-8 years receiving food, spiritual guidance, and an education. And while all of the food we distribute is donated by partners, getting that food into the hands of hungry kids and their families—as well as sharing the hope of Jesus Christ with them—takes the support of Full Life Monthly Partners.


Your regular monthly gift of just...


feeds 5 children every month.


feeds 10 children every month.


feeds 25 hungry children every month!

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