Marius – The Youngest and Toughest Child

You provide food for the children in the Bread of Life Orphanage in Brosteni, Romania. Marius, at age 4, is the youngest.

The severe poverty in this part of Romania scars the lives of little children like him. He has no father and recently lost his mother when she left him to find a better life for herself somewhere else.

Even at his young age, he knows the pain of rejection. But as the youngest in the orphanage, he is surrounded with love and affection from staff and older children. Healing is gradually coming to him.

But when he first arrived, he shocked everyone with a rare, bold attitude toward the other boys when they would tease him. Even though they were initially surprised to see such a small boy act so bold they knew it resulted from bad experiences in his past when he had to fight for himself.

We pray Marius and other children will know the joy and love of the Lord in this loving, Christian environment. The food you supply helps the children grow strong and look forward to the future with confidence. Thank you.