You Can Write Stories of Full Lives!

When we first met Mary and Wilson, their situation was bleak.

Growing up in Malawi, one of the poorest nations on the planet, they’re victims of the nation’s incessant food shortages.

And after years of food scarcity, Mary and Wilson’s young bodies were showing all the signs of severe malnutrition – stunted growth, chronic fatigue, and low immunity.

“Due to poverty in my family, I fail to provide a balanced diet for my children,” says their mom, Mwandida. “Sometimes we go to bed with empty stomachs.”

But thanks to friends like you, Mary and Wilson’s story of heartache and hunger has been rewritten into a story of hope!

Today, Mary and Wilson are under the care of Feed The Hungry’s Every Child, Every Day program in Malawi – where they receive the nutritious food they desperately crave, as well as the chance to hear the Good News of Jesus, the Bread of Life!

Right now, your help is urgently needed to keep feeding Mary and Wilson – and 25,000 others like them – in the coming weeks.

Just $6 will feed one child in Malawi for a month – so imagine the blessing your $30, $60, or even a generous $300 gift will bring!

Thank you for doing all you can, and for writing stories of hope in the lives of Malawi’s hungriest children.

Gifts received above a specific need will be used for programs where the need is the greatest.