Give more Filipino kids a full life!

Today, you have the chance to help bring more children into the Every Child, Every Day program – and alleviate the pressure on their struggling families.

Jinjin and Bryan have three children in the Every Child, Every Day program. After hearing the gospel, they accepted Jesus, became regular church members, got baptized, and Bryan was delivered from drug dependence. They decided to get married and are now continuing to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

But there are many more children in the Philippines who desperately need hope, food, and the gospel. And your gift today can help DOUBLE the number of children in our Every Child, Every Day program.

Consider how you’d like to help…

• You can feed 5 children for a month for $30.
• You can feed 10 children for a month when you give $60.
• Or, you can feed 20 children for a month when you give $120.

Thank you for your generosity to help more children experience the joy of a full life both physically and spiritually. We’re grateful for you!

Gifts received above a specific need will be used for programs where the need is the greatest.