Responding with FOOD and FAITH

When disaster hits an undeveloped nation — like the recent cyclone and flooding in Malawi — it puts already vulnerable people on the edge of life and death. Your quick and generous response helped Feed The Hungry church partners in Malawi distribute close to one million emergency food rations so far to children and families who lost their homes in the floods.

Being able to put life-saving food in the hands of the destitute opens the door to hope. Our Malawi relief teams have also been sharing Jesus face to face, through open air meetings and distributing Bibles and The Four Gospels in the local Chichewa language.

Hundreds have made professions of faith and we pray that many more will come to know Jesus personally, even in the midst of this disaster. Feed The Hungry Malawi staff and teams are still working hard to reach those displaced by the floods, and they’re doing a great job. Pray that we can continue to send them emergency food supplies and Gospel materials as affected communities pick up the pieces to rebuild.