News From Nicaragua

The students pictured here are from Valle de San Juan in Nicaragua. They are members of a local church that is part of Feed the Hungry’s meal ministry to impoverished children in the surrounding region.

You helped send the “Red letter Gospels” that the students are holding! And now they are using them as a tool to share the good news about Jesus Christ.  These kids are going house to house to share the Scriptures and pray with people, and they are even going up to remote mountain villages to herald the Good News.

And here’s where the long-term effect of the meal ministry program you support gets interesting. The young adults who are teaching these teens how to share their faith were once part of the very first feeding center we started in Nicaragua, at the garbage dump right outside of the capital Managua.

Thank you for helping to put the Word of God into the hands and hearts of the children you feed, however so many Bibles and Bible materials are still needed! Feel free to help as you feel led.