20,000 of the world’s hungriest children are calling out for help!

For the first 11 years of his life, Ahmed knew nothing but rejection and loneliness. Thrown out by his father – just because he was born blind – he ended up living in his older sister’s backyard.  Treated like an animal, Ahmed believed he had no worth… and no hope.

But then everything changed when friends like you stepped in through a simple act of generosity – and Ahmed was welcomed into the Every Child, Every Day program. Now Ahmed receives daily meals to feed his body, as well as spiritual nourishment to restore his soul.

Today, Ahmed knows he’s precious to God… and he has new hope for the future!

Right now, there are so many more desperate boys and girls like Ahmed – the ones Jesus calls “the least of these” – waiting for rescue and restoration.

Your gift will help meet a vital $120,000 goal by March 31 – which will feed 20,000 more of these children… in body, mind, and soul.

And, thanks to a generous $25,000 Challenge Grant, your gift today will go twice as far – bringing help and hope to twice as many boys and girls!

Please give generously – doing the most you can for “the least of these.”

Thank you.