Thank you for saving hungry children in Nicaragua!

When Josefa was born, her mother was destitute. She had no capacity to care for a tiny baby. And so she abandoned Josefa…

She’s not the only one. Countless boys and girls end up on the street. Some are deserted, like Josefa. Others sit and beg. And so many are forced to scavenge through piles of garbage, desperately searching for scraps of food.

Right now, demand is growing at our feeding centers across Nicaragua, and 12,000 hungry children are waiting to be fed.

Just $24 will feed 4 children for one month. And imagine the smiles you could bring to 10 little faces with a generous $60 gift today.

Now at age 15, Josefa’s life has been turned around. Through our Every Child, Every Day   feeding program, she’s been saved from hunger, saved from the streets, and saved by Christ!

You can help save children like Josefa through your gift today, giving them daily hot meals and the chance to hear the Good News of Jesus.

Thank you!

Gifts received above a specific need will be used for programs where the need is the greatest.