Dumpsite to Learning Center

Classroom in Soweto Academy

“You can be in the slums but the slum does not have to be in you!” says Reverend Chris Okumu. Since planting the seeds of Soweto Academy in a marshy dump site 31 years ago, he and his wife, Joan have seen hundreds of
students thrive, overcome their environment and grow into joyful, responsible adults.
The Academy has also grown, now comprising three schools, an early childhood development center, a medical clinic, a small farm, and even a water bottling plant. “We dug a well 800 feet down,” says Chris, today
the Academy’s director and pastor. “We hit the best water in Kenya!” Proceeds from the water sales benefit the Academy.

Pastor Chris and Joan Okumu

Before Chris founded the Academy, the dump site was a playground for the children of Kibera, who ate whatever they could salvage from the heaps of garbage.

Today, Soweto Academy students grow strong on meals provided by Feed The Hungry, supplemented by the produce they grow themselves and milk from the cows they raise. “Our vision is for these children to be self-sustaining in the future,” says Chris, “so they can grow food and feed the cities instead of building more slums.” Students are also nourished by God’s Word and encouraged to strive for excellence in all areas of their lives — including athletics. The Soweto Academy girls’ volleyball team ranks second in East Africa “The students here are changing the community and changing the country to be a better place for everyone,” Chris says. “That’s what we all want. We want people to serve one another and love one another.” We thank Chris and Joan for faithfully serving children in the slums of Kibera, Kenya. And we thank you for supporting their efforts through your gifts to Feed The Hungry!