Country Focus: Nicaragua


With your support, Feed The Hungry is feeding over 30,000 of the most impoverished children in Nicaragua – but thousands more children still live in squalid conditions.

They’re fighting to survive hunger, and many of them are plagued by disease, malnutrition, and physical disabilities that make life a dark prison of hopelessness.

These precious little ones need our help before they die of hunger, sickness, or the violence that often afflict communities struck by hunger.

So thank you for joining us in praying for the children of Nicaragua, and thank you for any gift you’re led to give today.


  • Expand our feeding program in Nicaragua to reach more kids for Jesus
  • Help more kids get a better education
  • Help more families improve their livelihoods so they can feed their children

Gifts received above a specific need will be used for programs where the need is the greatest.