Children in Uganda need you. $6 will feed one child for an entire month.

Your gift will provide a nutritious meal for a child who may not have eaten in days. Instead of searching the streets or garbage dumps for food, they will be fed one good meal a day in a Christian school, orphanage or church. The meal costs 20 cents, and contains all a child needs to grow up healthy.

This child will go to school and no longer have to worry where their next meal will come from.

You will give this child strength to keep going.

Please join us to feed every child in need. So many need help. So far, we feed more than 53,876 children a day in Uganda. Together, we can feed one, two or 10 more! Every child matters. Please do what you can.

Thank you.

Gifts received above a specific need will be used for programs where the need is the greatest.