Board & Corporate Officers

Feed The Hungry is committed to fulfilling its mission with excellence and integrity. As such the Board of Directors serve on a voluntary basis to provide key oversight and governance with the aim of advancing the effectiveness and impact of this ministry. Each board member’s experience, abilities and influence are a valuable contribution and testament to the Board’s passion to see the hungry find a full life in Jesus Christ.

Andrew Sumrall Independent 2015   Trustee
Angela Grabowski Independent 2005   Trustee & Officer
Bob Grubaugh  Independent 2016 Trustee
John Cory Independent 2016 Trustee
Rodrigo Rodriguez, M.D Independent 2010   Trustee
Mark T. Lantz, D.Min. Independent 2016   Trustee
Stefan Radelich, CEO Affiliated 2010   Trustee & Officer
Tony Agostino, CFO Affiliated 2012   Officer