Board & Corporate Officers

Feed The Hungry is committed to fulfilling its mission with excellence and integrity. As such the Board of Directors serve on a voluntary basis to provide key oversight and governance with the aim of advancing the effectiveness and impact of this ministry. Each board member’s experience, abilities and influence are a valuable contribution and testament to the Board’s passion to see the hungry find a full life in Jesus Christ.

Andrew Sumrall Independent 2015   Trustee
Angela Grabowski Independent 2005   Trustee
Bob Grubaugh  Independent 2016 Trustee
John Cory Independent 2016 Trustee
Rodrigo Rodriguez, M.D Independent 2010   Trustee
Mark T. Lantz, D.Min. Independent 2016   Trustee
Stefan Radelich, CEO Affiliated 2010   Trustee & Officer
Tony Agostino, CFO Affiliated 2012   Officer