Beyond the Feeding Lines

At Feed The Hungry, our ministry goes beyond the feeding lines, satisfying the need for spiritual nourishment as well as physical. Those results are eternal. When we don’t look beyond the feeding lines, when the food alone is the ministry, feeding children can become more of an obligation than an opportunity to share the Gospel. If just one person in line claims the Gospel in their life and shares it with those around them, it can change a whole community, a whole culture, a whole generation. That multiplying effect is especially strong with children.

Even one child can make a dramatic difference. Not long after a pastor in Malawi handed out the Red Letter Gospels to children in his church, he learned that a child had taken the Gospel home and shared it with his family. Now the parents wanted an extra copy for themselves. The unusual part of the story? The family was Muslim. Jesus puts us in a position where we do what we do so that He can do what He does. If that means stepping out of our comfort zone occasionally, He will partner with us. He will help us look beyond the line of children before us and see the generations who will be fed with His Word.

Because a full life feels good,

Stefan Radelich
Feed The Hungry