Feed the Poorest of Europe’s Children

Romania is one of the newest members of the Common Market, the EU. It is also ranked last in the EU for quality of life. Only two towns in the country are growing while the rest are shrinking. Between 3 and 4 million people have left the country since 1990 to find work in other European countries. Romania is smaller now than when it was established as a modern state 100 years ago. Outside of the few growth areas, poverty runs deep. Feed The Hungry provides food for feeding centers and orphanages in some of the poorest regions.

As you drive through villages where we operate feeding centers, you will be shocked to see children walking barefoot and naked because their families cannot afford shoes or clothes. Old, ragged wagons make their way through the streets. These areas are on the same level as poor, African countries.

In the Bazan family of ten people, no one works. They are grateful for government child support of $20 per month. It is their only source of reliable income. With very little work around, living is hard. The day we started the feeding program in their town of Buda was like the day manna fell from Heaven in the Old Testament. Many of the village children would go to school without eating,
and very little food awaited them when they arrived home.

It is not by accident that we operate most of our feeding programs in churches. The children who attend the programs are also taught a Bible lesson during the meal. Many times, parents will come with the children. The food we offer is for today, but the spiritual teaching they receive is what makes the difference for their future and eternity. Please pray for the Buda feeding center, the Bazan family and families like them who need to open their hearts and accept Jesus as their Savior.