Say YES to hungry refugee children in Uganda this summer

When little Tute arrived at Uganda’s vast Kiryandongo refugee camp, he was traumatized, fearful, and desperately hungry…

His story is echoed time and time again by those crossing the border from South Sudan. All have witnessed firsthand the horrors of war – and many arrive alone, not knowing whether their parents are alive or dead.

Your gift today will give new hope and strength to kids like Tute, as we welcome them into our Every Child, Every Day program – providing nourishment, improving health, boosting school attendance, and building brighter futures for those whose young lives have been torn apart.

Your gift today will make such a difference…

  • Just $30 will feed 5 children for 30 days.
  • A gift of $60 will give a month’s meals to 10 hungry children.
  • And your generous gift of $150 will provide 25 precious kids in our Every Child, Every Day program with meals for one month.

Your gift will also ensure that we can seize every opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus with each child – so they might truly experience a full life in Him, now and for eternity.

And thanks to a generous Challenge Grant, any gift you send today will be worth twice as much – feeding more hungry children.

Thank you for your generosity!

Gifts received above a specific need will be used for programs where the need is the greatest.