Annual Report

The year 2014 saw LeSEA Global Feed the Hungry continue to advance boldly in the fight against hunger. The Every Child Every Day program targeting school-age children, grew by 60%!

Over 100,000 children are now served in 21 nations. The Every Child Every Day (ECED) program provides a highly nutritious, protein fortified meal and also incorporates basic hygiene training.

The program is targeted at the most vulnerable children, many of whom are orphans, in the countries served. A new field of service was opened in Mongolia during 2014.

LeSEA Global Feed the Hungry continued its’ work in Liberia. In addition to the child-feeding programs emergency rations and medical supplies were delivered to the beleaguered nation during the Ebola Virus outbreak. Feed the Hungry West Africa, the ministry’s local affiliate, was pleased to report that none of the children served by ECED programs became ill during the outbreak.

During the year the Ugandan affiliate, Feed the Hungry East Africa, drilled wells in both the Rwamwanja and Kiryandongo Refugee Settlements. Rwamwanja is home to some 50,000 Congolese refugees and Kiryandongo hosts 38,000 refugees, primarily from South Sudan. In addition to the new wells, Feed the Hungry East Africa continued to provide prepared daily meals to all primary school-age children in both camps.

Relief efforts continued in the Philippines throughout 2014. Typhoon Haiyan, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Yolanda, was one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded. The storm devastated parts of South-east Asia, the Philippines were particularly hard hit. LeSEA Global Feed the Hungry quickly responded with food for the multitudes left hungry and homeless. On the other side of the planet, relief efforts to assist Syrian refugees were ongoing as well.

With humanitarian needs so great, Feed the Hungry plans to continue the expansion of its’ outreach to those in need throughout 2015.


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