A beautiful smile from Nicaragua

Rosa at feeding center

For nine years, Feed The Hungry has sown seeds of hope in Nicaragua. It is a difficult task. This nation has been troubled by civil war, drug cartels and national disaster, leading to devastating poverty and hunger. But when you look at the beautiful and healthy face of Rosa, you know the fruits of our labor are sweet. Rosa lives with her parents and little brother in an area nicknamed “Sinaloa”, after the infamous cartel. This part of the country is far away from any cities, making it virtually impossible to find gainful employment. Rosa’s father treks into the mountains and hunts for
iguanas to sell on the highway.

Kendra Doutt at feeding center

Their small shack is no match for the rainy season — the family and their few belongings get soaked. Anemic and malnourished, Rosa suffered from those cold, wet nights. She contracted pneumonia and because she was so weak, it became a chronic condition. Since Feed The Hungry started a daily feeding program at their local church, Rosa no longer struggles with sickness or hunger. Like the other children in the program, she is happy, energetic and enjoying a better life. Best of all, Rosa and her family are growing in Christ and doing well in school. Now, when Rosa attends the children’s church service, she is one of the brightest and most enthusiastic in the room!

Rosa eating at feeding center

Because of the nourishing meals you send, Rosa’s family and many more can enjoy a harvest of hope this fall and for years to come.