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As an organization and a ministry that feeds children in many different countries it is important that we have the materials necessary to complete this mission. Recently  we have been building kitchens in Haiti to replace the old ones that were no longer useful. One of our overseas offices (our UK branch) collected a team of ex-military and sent them to Haiti to meet with our partners and to begin construction on the kitchens. This group of highly qualified men and women were called “Team Rubicon.”

A few of our own Feed the Hungry staff were just recently there overseeing the project and talked with the Team Rubicon members and many of the people involved with the project as well as onlookers. Often Team Rubicon would comment on how blown away they were at the generosity of those contributing to fund the project and the hours of hard work that the helpers in Haiti were daily laying down to make the meals for the children. While this job was a long and tedious one with the expected bumps along the way the day finally came when the kitchens were done and the smoke once more was billowing out from beneath the pots.








Here are a few stories collected from our most recent visit to Haiti!

Jermaine Etimme

Jermaine Etimme is 11 years old and lives in Pignon, Haiti. He attends LaCoste Primary School where he is in grade 5. He is part of Feed The Hungry’s Every Child Every Day feeding program. He is very interested in being a pastor when he gets older. He likes the idea of helping people understand who God is. He attends Jerusalem Baptist Church where he sings in the children’s choir.

One year ago, Jermaine felt the need to begin a Bible study during his school’s lunch break. He invited several friends to join him. This group has one significant challenge to studying the Bible—none of them actually owns a Bible. For him to purchase a Bible, he’d need to spend about $25. This is impossible. He makes a few dollars a month helping his uncle but what little he makes goes to purchasing his school uniform.

When FTH’s Roger Walterhouse found out about this challenge, he committed to providing 10 Bibles for Jermaine and for his classmates. At just $3/Bible, each of these students will have their own Bible to study. Thanks to our many faithful donors, Feed The Hungry has the opportunity to not only fill thousands of bellies with food but also to fill minds with truth and truly know that a full life feels good.

Benson Menond

Benson Menond is 14 years old. He attends Sadi School near the town of Milot, Haiti. Desmond is in grade 7. Sadi School has 135 students who receive daily meals as part of Feed The Hungry’s Every Child Every Day feeding programs.

Prior to the feeding program’s start, Benson would go days without food. He often felt the anxiety that he might not eat again. This constant distraction by hunger and fear kept him from properly studying. As a result of this food deficit, he missed many days of school and was far behind. Three years ago, Sadi School began the feeding program. Immediately Benson’s life changed. Feed The Hungry meals made it possible for him to excel at school. He was able to study without distraction and soon caught up to his class. Today, he is a top 10 student in the 23 district schools and is hoping to go on to university to study to be a civil engineer.


Three World Changers!

These three young ladies are orphans living at LaCoste Orphanage in Pignon, Haiti. LaCoste is operated by Jerusalem Baptist Mission. Sixty eight children live there and are cared for by house parents. Feed The Hungry provides a daily meal to them through our Every Child Every Day feeding program.

These girls are wearing dresses provided to them by an FTH donor and her sewing circle. Midline (age 9), Lovely (age 11) and Juldally (age 7) were excited to receive these dresses. After having their picture taken, they were quick to change back into their previous outfits because as Juldally observed, “Dresses this nice should only be worn to church.”



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